Waste Circology


OCS Biochar Reactor


Belfield, NSW

Project Scale

Test Facility, Industrial Scale


Proof of Concept; Concept Design; Detailed Design; EPC-M during procurement, construction and commissioning

The Client

Waste Circology has developed and patented the Organic Carbonisation System (OCS), which is a closed, low emission process that transforms organic solid waste into a rich char-carbon compound. Bruce Energy and Waste Circology have been partnered since 2020.

The Project

Waste Circology engaged Bruce Energy to design and build its first test reactor. The reactor was designed from the ground up by Bruce Energy, utilising off-the-shelf components wherever possible to reduce cost, risk and time.


Bruce Energy was initially engaged on a proof-of-concept study. From there on, Bruce Energy has delivered the OCS Test Reactor as EPC-M and is operating the reactor on Waste Circology’s behalf, running test cycles and demonstrating its capabilities to potential cosutmers.


Bruce Energy delivered the OCS600 Test Reactor successfully, the first of its kind globally. Currently, the commercial version is in its final stages of detailed design and prospective clients are being screened. Waste Circology is looking to market the concept in Australia first and then globally.



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